Here you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions!


Question: If I don’t purchase a wedding album from you right away can I purchase one later from you after the wedding?

Answer:  Absolutely! Here at Bright Light Studios we do a triple back up of all of your photos and we will always have them on hand.  When you are ready to order your wedding album we can have your photos up online for you to choose from so that we can begin designing your album!

Question: I see in the contract that it says “Shared Rights” or “Full Rights”.  What does that mean?

Answer:  Shared rights means that both Bright Light Studios and the client retain the rights to the photos or videos.  Which means that Bright Light Studios can use the photos or videos in order to promote their services to other potential clients and the clients have the ability to use the photos for anything they would like.  Bright Light Studios will not sell your photos to other companies under any circumstances.

Full Rights means that the client retains ALL of the rights to the photos or videos and does not allow Bright Light Studios to use them at all for any form of promotional purposes.  We offer a Full Rights contract at an additional cost to our clients who prefer privacy.


Question: Why are your packages priced that way? I have seen less expensive packages at other places.

Answer:  Our prices are the way they are because of a few simple reasons.  We are all very highly trained in our trade which ensures that you will always get the best work.  We use nothing but the highest end equipment available which ensures that we will be able to capture every special moment as it happens. We edit ALL of our photos and videos, most places only edit specific items and make you pick.  We also provide you with all FULL resolution images for photography without print protecting them to make sure you get what you pay for and nothing less.  We don’t like to play games with our clients!


Question: I’m on a budget, if I don’t see a package that fits my needs can I ask you to build me a custom package that fits in my budget?

Answer:  Yes! Of course! We understand that not every client we have will like our pre-made packages and we also understand that a lot of people will have to work in a budget.  We offer custom packages tailor fit to your exact needs and specifications.  All you have to do is let us know what your budget is and what you are looking for and we will do our best to build you a package to fit all of your needs!