Bright Light Studios: NJ wedding photographer: Great Recommendation!

This is one of the nicest recommendations we have ever gotten! We are so happy you liked our work!

From Sam Inshassi:
Details of the Recommendation: “Sameh is an absolutely pitch-perfect photographer, everything you would want out of an event photographer really. He captured moments, not poses, and was like a stealth ninja slipping in and around crowds capturing emotion, intrigue, and passion that only happened in┬áthe blink of an eye. His skill is not necessarily evident on the floor, but rather on the page. When you see the shots he managed to create, it blows your mind. You wonder, “when did I even do that?!?”

We hired him for an engagement because he was reasonably priced and we weren’t looking to “go big” yet. But shortly afterwards, I participated in my friend’s wedding, where she paid for a very expensive reputable photographer who made us stop and pose and pretend to be buttoning up her dress. And then had the audacity to claim that all wedding photographs are actually posed.

I know now that I’ll likely hire Sameh for my own wedding, because he really is the best I’ve seen so far. Nothing about his work is contrived, either in the moment or in photoshop, and I’m confident he will be able to capture that “look” I’ve always dreamed of on my wedding.”

Service Category: Photographer
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

About sameh

Owner & Operator of Bright Light Studios Wedding Photography & Cinematography
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